Konstantin Magin and Robert Edelstein Risk Center Working Paper (# 2014-06, # 2015-02 and # 2016-02 ) "Using the CCAPM with Stochastic Taxation and Money Supply to Examine US REITs Pricing Bubbles" has been published in the Journal of Real Estate Research. The final publication is available here. Magin JRER 2017

Robert M. Anderson and Kyong Shik Eom's Risk Center working paper (#2017-01), "Controlling shareholders’ value, long-run firm value and short-term performance" is forthcoming in the Journal of Corporate Finance.

Kyong Shik Eom's Risk Center working paper (#2016-04) "The effect of listing switches from a growth market to a main board: An alternative perspective," has been published in  Emerging Markets Review Volume 29, December 2016, Pages 246–273 (PDF of article)

Konstantin Magin's Risk Center working paper (# 2009-01 and 2013-04), "Equity Risk Premium and Insecure Property Rights," has been published in Economic Theory Bulletin. The final publication is available here.

The Consortium for Data Analytics in Risk (CDAR) is an industry partnership working in close collaboration with the Risk Center, and funded by State Street Bank and Trust. The CDAR website went live on 8/28/15.

Yuriy Gorodnichenko and Michael Weber's Risk Center working paper, "Are Sticky Prices Costly? Evidence from the Stock Market" has been published by the American Economic Review, available here.