Konstantin Magin

Konstantin Magin obtained his B.A. in Economics from the Leningrad Institute of Economics and Finance and his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of California, Berkeley. He is a researcher at the Center for Risk Management Research. His research focuses on modeling the relationship between political risks, insecure property rights (stochastic taxes) and asset prices and also includes financial derivatives, financial engineering, real estate finance and Social Security privatization. He is also a lecturer at the Haas School of Business, where he teaches financial derivatives courses.  He has been a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of California, Berkeley. His publications have appeared in the Journal of Economic Perspectives and The Economists’ Voice.

Working and Published Papers

2017-02: Konstantin Magin, "Equilibrium Comparative Statics in Finite Horizon Finance Economies with Stochastic Taxation" Revised from the Center for Risk Management Research Working Paper 2016-03
2009-01: Konstantin Magin, "Equity Risk Premium and Insecure Property" (revised February 11, 2013, working paper # 2013-04)